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Informative Tap Lessons

Enhance your skills, talents, and coordination at Woodbury Studio of Dance Arts in Hicksville, New York.
Our instructors provide a range of options, including jazz and tap lessons.

Your Rhythm

When you study at our studio, you receive guidance from teachers who have performed on television and in movies. Many of our alumni have booked reviews, productions, and commercials. With their lessons in ballet, toe, jazz, and tap from our school, they have been able to put their talents on display both on and off Broadway.

Ballet Dancer - Tap Lessons

Specialized Ballet Lessons

Taught by teachers who have studied from renowned teachers such as Thalia Mara, Margaret Craske, Michael Maule, and Harold Haskins.

Training in Jazz

Training in jazz from a teacher who has studied from Jack Cole and Phil Black.

Contact us to register for our exciting toe or tap lessons.